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About the term technology

The term technology is rooted in the ancient Greek term téchne, meaning ability, skill also artistic skill or craft. The other part of the term comes from the Greek word lógos, teaching, way of proceeding derived.

Human history also includes the development of technologies as a long, historical process. In the course of the history of work, mankind has always developed new methods to make it easier to deal with nature and to increase the productivity of work. After the invention of fire and the development of technologies for lighting fires, technologies were developed for building log houses, technologies for building mud houses, and for making implements suitable for tilling the soil.

The technical revolution made it easier for people to work. Later, with the progress of science and technology, technologies for melting various raw materials were developed, after the invention of letterpress printing technology, the technology for the production of various vehicles and so on. Today, technologies of microtechnology and information technology are highly topical. Also new technologies for heat production are invented, introduced and developed. Today, entire economic processes function temporarily without any human intervention. Human work has shifted to the upstream and downstream areas of the technical process. The food industry, for example, also facilitates the processing of food. People are increasingly stepping out of the immediate production process and becoming controllers and observers.

The term technology is usually used in connection with various industries and forms of technology, so in addition to food technologies, there are biotechnology, nanotechnology, wood technology, solar technology, wind technology, technology of building houses, technologies of manufacturing furniture, technologies of glass production and processing.

Nowadays workers are increasingly becoming specialists and technologists in the production process. People are increasingly stepping out of the immediate work environment. Their activities in the production process require a high level of qualification and specialization. Technologists are the specialists who develop, use and maintain technologies.

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