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7 Important Tactics for the Small Business Owner

For most people, owning their own business is a dream. The freedom to be your own boss and succeed to the best of your ability is a way of life for the small business owner. Sure, there's more stress than you probably imagined when making your big plans, but with a little strategy and planning, you can overcome any tough spot you find yourself in. There are seven tactics developed by successful marketers that are sure to make your business as successful as theirs.

1. Create a unique selling point.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, create a unique selling point feature that highlights the benefits customers will gain from working with you. Do they get faster service? Go ahead and dramatize it, but keep the focus on the customer... "Free overnight delivery!" Hey, it tells the customer... you get fast service and a discount on shipping. Two key benefits in one statement.

Why would anyone buy from you and not your competitor? I hate to give your ego a blow, but it really has nothing to do with you, your product or your service. Yes, it's a little self-serving, but customers are attracted to offers that draw attention to the things that benefit them.

Don't try to create new products and services to generate attention. Add a special benefit to the existing ones. Maybe the service is faster. The most effective things you should emphasize are advantages your competitors can't or won't give.

2. Use testimonials

Hey, we all know that business owners think that their product or services are the best. What really matters to your potential customers is what existing customers say about it. They are the ones who see things from the same point of view. Customer satisfaction is important and has an impact on future business.

Testimonials play an important role in advertising - especially for small businesses. Yes, big companies with household names don't need to worry about this, but small businesses can use testimonials to build credibility.

Think about it, how else can we build credibility than by creating a group of satisfied customers and saying what you have to say? Let's look at some ways we can make testimonials an effective part of our marketing campaigns.

3. Upsell

Upselling is one of the most successful marketing trends today. Everywhere you go, someone is trying to get you to buy more. From McDonalds with its oversized options to clothing stores trying to sell you shoes that match your outfit, everyone is jumping on the band wagon. Why? It works!

Your customers already know you have great products and provide satisfactory service. They trust you. Think about it, it's much easier to make sales with someone you already have a relationship with.

Take every opportunity to increase your sales volume with the customer pool you already have. Do you have a product that matches the product they are buying? Offer it at checkout. It's a proven and effective way to increase sales. You may be shocked by additional sales you can generate from those who already buy from you.

4. Make the price smaller.

Divide and conquer... The old war tactic works in marketing too! If the price seems too steep, divide it into "Smaller" bites. An item worth 120 EUR consists of only 12 low monthly payments of 10 EUR. A 365 EUR purchase costs only 1 EUR per day. Now that sounds affordable!

5. Make the advantages more attractive.

Customers buy because they want to enjoy the benefits of the purchase. A lady may buy a dress because she wants to feel sexy or a man will buy a book because he enjoys reading. Emotion is the key element that drives the purchase.

Use word pictures to evoke the emotions that trigger the sale. Let them "feel" the benefits and they will be more likely to checkout. Put them where you want them to be.

6. Draw attention to get headlines.

Are you ready to grab your reader's attention with great copy? The headline is the starting point. How many times do you scan the newspaper headlines before deciding whether or not to read the article? Yes, this is where we lose or gain the reader's interest, so this is a pretty important part of advertising.

A good headline should should consist of twelve words or less. Review these headlines. Do they promise a positive benefit or ask a provocative question? Don't settle for less than attention-grabbing statements.

7. Offer a deal they can't resist.

Is your offer too good to pass up? If not, you need to improve it. Hey, I'm not talking about lowering prices even more, you still need to make a profit.
Sie können das Angebot süßer machen, indem Sie das Wissen der Leser über den Wert des Produkts erhöhen oder Boni hinzufügen, die als wertvoll empfunden werden, aber Ihnen weniger kosten.

You can make the offer sweeter by increasing readers' knowledge of the value of the product or adding bonuses that are perceived as valuable but cost you little.

Author: AndreSternberg_8. Translation. Image: pixabay.