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Aseptic filling

The filling of sensitive products is like a precise balancing act. On the one hand, absolute safety for consumers must be ensured. On the other hand, many products react sensitively when preservatives are added or they are subjected to high thermal exposure. Aseptic filling manages precisely this balancing act, but only with the right know-how and proven technology.

Independent with a laboratory

Every large company has its own laboratory, where substances are synthesized or examined. In a private laboratory, private orders are accepted, such as water tests of domestic wells, groundwater tests or determination of soil quality. If you have a chemical or chemical-technical education, then starting a business with a laboratory is no problem.

7 Important Tactics for the Small Business Owner

For most people, owning their own business is a dream come true. The freedom to be your own boss and succeed to the best of your ability is a way of life for the small business owner. Sure, there's more stress than you probably imagined when making your big plans, but with a little strategy and planning, you can overcome any tough spot you find yourself in. There are seven tactics developed by successful marketers that are sure to make your business as successful as theirs.

Wine Counterfeiting

This is a problem that goes back a long way in the past, but has increased enormously in recent years with the exorbitant auction prices. Thus, when buying old bottles, for example, from Château Petrus and Domaine de la Romanée-Conti must be done with great caution. It is not known, for example, whether large formats were actually bottled by Petrus before 1945.

Career profiles you can consider

Figuring out what you want to do with your life is not easy. It is a difficult decision that you need to think about as soon as possible, because time passes quickly and you cannot miss an opportunity. You need to use the resources you have to coordinate your future and create a career profile that you can consider.
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